IAM 6: N for Nature

A new issue of I AM is ready to introduce us to the CIAM natural universe.

Ciam DNA is the genetic imprint in which reside values, goals, and know-how that are not just about the product or individual project, but involve the entire surroundings. The new I AM issue, the house organ that explores the world from CIAM’s perspective, focuses on N: the company’s deep connection with Nature comes from its roots, from the special place where it was born: lands rich in greenery, culture, art and life.

A nurturing that has allowed it to grow responsibly and inspired by values toward which the company has always shown devotion and respect. In I AM 6, this and many other insights, such as the editorial by Andrea Margaritelli, President of the National Institute of Architecture and Brand Manager of Listone Giordano, the collaboration between CIAM and the Food Artist Laila Gohar, and concepts and projects that have expanded the brand’s horizons.

Download the new IAM issue here