With the installation “Keeping Life” CIAM is protagonist at Milan Design Week 2019.

CIAM showcased its most technological and visionary nature during its first appointment at Fuorisalone.

The collaboration with the food designer Francesca Sarti, founder of Arabeschi di Latte, saw the suggestive spaces of Alcova Milano as frame of KEEPING LIFE, an exhibition which from the 9th to the 14th of April 2019 showed the new aesthetic of two among the most iconic Ciam’ s products, Move 16 and Murozero Slide, presented for the occasion respectively in super bright steel and in lacquered mdf with opaque finishing, light dusty pink, designed by Fabrizio Milesi, CIAM’s art director and designer of the exhibition space where the event took place.

In the fascinating post-industrial location where once the panettoni factory Cova used to be located in, thanks to the collaboration between Joseph Grima and Studio Vedèt, founded by Valentina Ciuffi, the space/project Alcova was born. During the Fuorisalone, the place represented for the second consecutive year an exhibition location which hosted for the recently ended edition, among others, KEEPING LIFE, union of technology, design, nature and food.

A synergy which originates from a fascinating and more and more contemporary concept such the one of conservation of life, same concept at the basis of CIAM’s identity and soil phytoremediation, natural technology matrix of the artworks created by Sarti’ s brand. Organic shapes inspired by nature have been preserved within design refrigerated cases, highly innovative and able to prolong food life cycle, ensuring its organoleptic qualities and aesthetic perfection, result of CIAM’s research and experience.

KEEPING LIFE’s success establishes a new phase of CIAM’ s avant-guardist path in the heart of excellence of international design.