Rooting Innovation blossomed at Euroshop 2023

A garden designed to amaze again: the CIAM concept at the Düsseldorf fair is an invitation to surrender to curiosity.

The latest edition of Euroshop, the famous international retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, has ended on March 2. CIAM’s presence at the event was an experience populated with cultural contaminations and innovative inspirations: seeds of new ideas ready to blossom in the grassy fertile meadow that served as the physical and metaphorical ground for the booth, designed by Fabrizio Milesi. Rooting Innovation, the concept unveiled by CIAM at the event, represents the brand’s strong connection with the environment, transposed with dedication into every product and project. In this garden, CIAM wanted to revive curiosity about technology, innovation, design and sustainability. A demonstration of balance and commitment to research and development, characteristics that have always distinguished the brand’s approach. Through the ability to amaze and stimulate interaction it becomes possible to connect to the world around us, and to cultivate gentle revolutions.

We thank you for walking through our space and letting your curiosity lead you.