Ciam opens its facilities to Porsche for an exclusive event

What makes the adventure even more exciting?
Sensations even more intense?
Great moments unforgettable?

Those are the questions studied by Porsche and particularly by Cayenne. The answer is only one and it is within everyone’s daily life: sharing!
Sharing experiences with others make theme even more exciting, even more intense, simply unforgettable.

This is why Autocentri Giustozzi has chosen the brand-new Ciam’s areas for the exclusive launch of the new Porsche Cayenne.

“Tonight, I am very proud and glad of having taken part in this adventure and to have open those areas whose purpose is to connect with other companies and share different experiences to expand together. The connection between Ciam’s brand and  Porsche is something honourable”, as stated by Federico Malizia, Ciam’s CEO.