dna glazing zero


Zero doors

The Zero doors are an exclusive opening system that frees up space and design creativity, making it possible to insert the refrigerator flush with the wall: a wall in the form of a refrigerator, a refrigerator in the form of a wall.

This type of door is equipped with a magnetic sensor that signals, via a buzzer, any possible incorrect closing of the door: a fundamental element for ensuring the correct maintenance of the products contained in the showcase. The Zero doors are characterized by a triple glazing with mirror screen printing, while the frame and the handle are in a polished finish.  CIAM offers a wide range of customization options for all of these elements, in order to meet all functional and aesthetic design needs. Cold-application modules can be equipped with low-emission double glazing. Frozen-application models are equipped with heated glass as standard with NoFog film that allows to avoid the annoying fogging of the inner surface of the glass when opening.

Zero doors are equipped with removable magnetic gaskets that ensure hermetic sealing of the refrigerated compartment. CIAM enhances this opening system with security devices on request, such as magnetic door unlocking with badge card or key lock. The quintessential application of this type of door is found in Murozero, the refrigerated wall-integrated showcase that is characterized by great flexibility in using innovative materials such as Gres, concrete resin or water-repellent wallpaper. Murozero is ideal for installation on wall coverings with materials or finishes that give the impression of “entering” the cabinet itself, as if they were refrigerated niches.