dna glazing slide


Slide doors

Movement becomes part of the experience, adding new value to the design through fluid and engaging interaction.

Slide doors are double-glazed sliding doors that move on an aluminum track with a magnetic catch, frame and handle in RAL7021 color. The soft closing system for cold application refrigerators enhances the dynamic nature of these doors. Upon request, coplanar sliding doors can be made of heated double glazing to maximize performance against condensation. Slide doors feature a wide range of customization possibilities in finishes, such as varnished wood, natural wood, water-repellent wallpaper, and in colors, with a wide choice that covers the entire RAL scale. A perfect example of application of this opening system is represented by Murozero Slide, the refrigerated vertical showcase that makes its large double-glazed coplanar sliding doors an icon of style. The cold-application refrigerated vertical showcase consists of a monolithic well insulated with ecological polyurethane and covered in stainless steel. The soft-closing feature of the Slide doors enhances movement as a fundamental part of the interaction with the refrigerator, increasing the fluidity of the technical gesture with a surprising effect. 

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