Myabar Plus

The stylistic and conceptual evolution of the Mya Bar system,
This latest version introduces a counter strongly characterized by its volumetric aspect, where large, chilled vertical displays contrast almost to the annulment of the bench itself, which becomes a very low floor for a white to rise again for becoming a tradition bar counter.
This new way to think the volumes is based on the idea of laying all the elements composing the layout on a unique low-floor plan that becomes the conjunction element for refrigerated showcases, and bar counters.
It is proposed with an opaque black and tone-tone marble to make the system very contemporary, metropolitan, precious but at the same time free from the classic patterns of the bar furnishings.
The detail of the marble floor that becomes flat support, side element and then upper service top harmonizes all the elements composing the layout system.
MYABAR offers a wide range of combinations of materials and colors to personalize the look based on customers’ requests.