Move 16 System

Layout proposal by the combination of move16 elements to create a diversified and complete display system.
The vertical side panel is the confunction elements between the cabinets. It can be rotated to adjust the layout to the shopping area.
Even the bar counter presents aestethic and technical innovative features. It is not a solid block as usual but it looks like suspended extension of the display.
Characteristic that reduces the “separation” between operator and customer, visual lightness and flexibility in the usage.
Great attention to the constructive details, solved with pure and minimal signs able anyway to hide a complex mechanical technology.
Move16 system is Ciam’s latest styling research focused on the theme of the fully customization, where each element can be chosen both in materials and in its technological contents.
Natural metal brings it to a vintage and industrial atmosphere, natural stones or marble give it a more chic tone and the purity og absolute white, such as Corian® makes it minimal and strongly contemporary.