Epoque Wood

A revised historic Italian coffee style, universally recognized all around the world, based on the use of wooden front cladding, in various essences and by the curvilinear shape of the counters.
All the overall proportions are designed carefully, where the wooden front panels decorated with embossed decorations and frames propose a theme that develops along the entire length of the furnishings joining in aesthetic harmony display cabinets and counters.
Service top are prosed in brass, marble or natural stone.
The theme of the decorations used for the front panel can be extended the walls as a sort of boiserie.
Concerning the back upper part system is thought of as a large wooden box emptied with the insertion of a base in glass.
Vertical hips and upper frame enhance classical language; this solution allows hanging it on the rear wall or putting it in center of the store to create a pass-through display and a space divider.
EPOQUE WOOD DECO extends the classical stylistic research to satisfy the need for a very refined, timeless environment destined for prestigious historical locations or projects demanding this stylistic language.