A new concept thought to get a simple and essential unitary form by the combination of counters an display showcase where the fusion and integration between the elements looks like a pure monolithic block coming from a full stone mass.
This sensation is a consequence of a masterful processing of materials where all the edges are cut at 45° and coupled to look like a single piece without any conjunction.
The body of the display can be coated in this way with natural stone materials or new 6mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles. On request can also be completely finished with resins to obtain a continuous surface and material look at the same time.
The glass structure empathizes beauty of the stone. No pillars, no metallic elements to maximize the effect of the hollow cube stone.
Front and top glass are kept together with a fully transparent UV glue. The tilt down opening system is assisted and hidden in the basement. Minimized LED lighting system integrated in the ceiling.
Inner surface of the display area are entirely covered with the same material as the exterior faces, thus providing a more natural and elegant sensation. All the technological and electronic components are perfectly integrated.
The system is expandable with containment elements in plain natural wood or other materials to provide an extension of the service surface itself.