dna design Table



Design: Fabrizio Milesi

Materials initially conceived for industrial applications are now applied to design in new forms of beauty with unexpected aesthetic and functional values. Table, designed by Fabrizio Milesi in collaboration with Matteo Brioni, is the revolutionary refrigerated showcase by CIAM. A brand-new product characterized by a composition of different functions that find space on the same surface and that, thanks to the custom skills developed by the brand, abandons the concept of standard, replacing it with that of a realization that is unique every time.

Table defines a new concept: it reinterprets the idea of the counter that traditionally divides the operator from the customer with a logic of spatial separation. Through the element of the suspended top and with its functional dimensions it explores a new approach to sharing in the food and hospitality industry, representing the functional element that invites to lean on its surface and touch it. A free space where barriers and roles around the counter fall and are replaced by a creative and stimulating interaction. Raw earth adds physical and metaphorical value to Table’s sense of natural well-being.