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Counters Standard e Compact

The Counters line has been revolutionized with specific new products that meet the unique needs of designers and professionals in the food and hospitality industry. The refrigerated counters are divided into 3 series: Bar, Pastry and Gastronomy. Depending on the category and type of product contained, CIAM has developed different compartments with specific advanced features. From the static refrigeration system with coil integrated in the internal walls of the module, to the compact system with forced air circulation with high efficiency both for cold and frozen applications, the solutions are developed in highly engineered systems for conservation: the system for the retarder proofing for the pastry series, those for meat aging and hot ventilated humid dedicated to the gastronomy series, are features that allow to increase the variety and quality of products managing at best the processing technique in the most suitable times, temperatures and conditions easing the workload of the operator.

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