ABC of Taste – Moscow


Moscow, Russia 2021

Ciam products were selected for the supply to the well-known Russian supermarket chain ABC of Taste.
Gastronomy area:
The display cases supplied are 6040 with R6 glass case and custom P1150 depth, in order to create a display surface with a net depth of 1000 mm. A Combi display case was also provided.
The display cases were supplied in hot bain-marie, ventilated, self-service ventilated and static versions with ice for the display of fresh cheeses.
The interiors of the display cases are made of Corian deep nocturne, with and without display levels.
The wine display case in the gastronomy area is an Exclusive model, equipped with three doors and three differentiated temperatures. The interiors and profiles are in RAL 7021 powder-coated aluminium.
Patisserie area:
The pastry zone, on the other hand, is equipped with 6040 R4UP P100 and Flat R4UP P100 display cabinets, with Bisque Corian interior finishes.
All units are connected to a central refrigeration unit.