Modular professional showcases for butchery and gastronomy (can be coupled together).

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Glass structure

Alzata con vetro camera apribile verso l'alto con sistema a pistoni a gas, fianchi laterali in vetro camera Glass structure with upward opening double-glazing glass with gas piston system, double-glazed glass side panels

Exhibition area

Exhibition area in satin-finish stainless steel, liftable together with the refrigerator system for perfect cleaning of the bottom of the tank


Ventilated refrigeration with honeycomb air supply

The PERFORMER series consists of 3 linear modules (1150, 1650 and 2150) and a 90 ° corner module that can be easily coupled through specific fasteners located on the side of the showcase and on the plinth. The tanks are monolithic and covered in steel. The front tempered glasses are straight and can be lifted up through gas pistons. The aluminum profiles of the glass structure are made in polished aluminum. Lighting is provided with a 3000°K strip LED micro-ceiling light. PERFORMER display cases are designed for excellent performance. The butcher display cases have electric defrosting, this means a rapid defrosting of the evaporating unit minimizing the effect on the product. The stainless steel display surface is equipped with a power-assisted lifting system for the top and evaporator unit to guarantee perfect cleaning of the bottom of the tank.