Wall cabinets flush with the wall, at positive and negative temperature.

Designer: Fabrizio Milesi

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Hinged double-glazed doors with integrated temperature display


Glass shelves adjustable in height on rack rods


Possibility of customizing the interior and exterior finishes of the wall-mounted refrigerator

The tanks are monolithic and available in the following standard lengths for the positive temperature versions: 830, 1552, 2274, 2997, the negative temperature version is available in length 830mm. Refrigeration is ventilated with a ceiling evaporator. Zero doors are provided (double-glazed glass door flush with the wall, aluminum profiles and frame); the internal walls are made of HPL panels with magnetic coupling and can be customized in finishes (mirror, stoneware, acrylic, powder-coated steel, resin-coated steel, water-repellent wallpaper). Glass shelves can be adjusted on a rack rod. The indirect lighting is vertical inserted on the door frame with 3000°K no-spot strip LED.