Mix Live Station

The Mix Live Station is equipped with a low temperature cold plate with which you can make live preparations for decorating cakes, integrate pastry with ice-cream and have a practical and choreographic support for breakfasts.

Designer: Raffaele De Angelis

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Batch freezer

Batch freezer placed on the top


Okite low temperature cold plates flush with the top

Front paneling and working top

Front paneling and working top in heat-curved betacryl

ICE DESIGN Live Stations allow professionals in the ice cream sector to create real Live Show Cooking shows in front of their customers for the preparation of traditional and gourmet ice-creams, semifreddo, cakes, popsicles and granitas; it is also possible to prepare centrifugal salads and extractors.

The new concept will allow operators to customize the configuration of the stations by being able to integrate the equipment according to the desired show cooking; it will be possible to set up the station with a vertical batch freezer, with a horizontal batch freezer, with a cold plate, with a tempering-melting machine, with ice-cream wells and yogurt trays, and will have the possibility of integrating a positive / negative refrigerator.