Ice Queen 1

New range of professional display cases for ice-cream and pastry. Double-glazed glass structure with front glass having upward opening through gas pistons, mirror screen printing, n. 1 intermediate shelf plus bottom shelf, polished aluminum profiles with micro-ceiling lights equipped with no spot 3000°K strip LED.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Glass structure

Double-glazed glass structure with mirror serigraphy, front glass can be lifted up


Ventilated refrigeration with high humidity oversized system


S/s trays with rounded edges

ICE QUEEN professional display cases range is composed by 3 linear modules (L1150, L1650, L2150) + a 45° cylindrical angle that can be easily be coupled through mechanical arrangements ensuring a perfect clamping.  The tanks are monolithic covered in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane. The range includes 2 types: GS tank has continuous s/s trays, in the ice cream version the removable plexiglass tray-holder modular elements are inserted to ensure full visibility of the ice cream on each side. In the pastry version the ventilated refrigeration reaches the bottom shelf and the first shelf. The BL tank in the ice-cream version has a display with stainless steel trays with double-air flow refrigeration; in the pastry version it is possible, though a selector, to adjust the refrigeration to one or more display levels up to the total refrigeration of the display case. The perfect lighting of the product is ensured by the no spot 3000°K strip led on each shelf. The ICE QUEEN showcases have been designed to have excellent performances. The ice-cream showcases have semi-hermetic motors with programmed ultra-rapid reverse cycle defrosts; all pastry showcases maintain a constant temperature in the refrigerated areas.