Flat G1

Flat showcases are modular and have a coplanar exhibition area.

Innovative patented glass structure, heated glass sides with patented anti-fog system, sliding glass top on operator side with soft closing system and folding glass opening with magnetic clamps, glass top on costumer side with upward opening through bright aluminium micro-hinges, perimetral LED light fixture with strip LED no spot 3000°K lighting, bright aluminum profiles.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Glass structure

Patented sliding opening system with magnetic clamps, upward opening top glass


Perimetral indirect LED no spot 3000 K lighting

Working top

Polished steel perimeter top, or customisable on request

FLAT showcases have been ridesigned and stilized following a new aestethic concept of essenciality and flexibility in finishes. Flat showcases are available in 9 lengths (900, 1000, 1300, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2100, 2600, 3000), 2 types of angles (squared and curve), 3 dephts (625, 800, 1000) and 14 types pf glass structures (TS_H1200, TS_H1350, R4_H1200, R4_H1350, R4UP_H1200, R4UP_H1350, TSB, S2_H1263, S2_H1444, R6, TSA, G1, T2, R2) in addition to the different technological systems available (fresh pastry, ice-cream, meat, gastronomy, cheese, combined with double compartment self&serve over, dry-warm, ventilated humid warm, bein-marie warm). Molded heat-insulated tanks are made of ecological polyurethane, the standard display plate is frovided in stainless steel, but can be custumized with different materials, such as stoneware, acrylics, quartz composite, natural marble. Supply and return air in the positive temperature showcases is in micro-perforated steel sheet and the digital temperature display it is flush with the top. The standard glass structures have heated glass sides for all the refrigerated models, whereas the standard front glasses have a frontal deflector, but can be provided in heated version upon request. Ciam patented an innovative anti-fog system of the glasses with low voltage. This system requires the use of 8mm thick, completely transparent pyrolytic glasses with concealed resistances; in thgis way the result obtained is the effect of a standard glass structure, even in the case of heated glasses! All the glass structures have the same hardware components and all the details was designed and made using microcasting steel stamps. Brilliant aluminium lighting fixture allocate strip LED no spot 3000K lighting, the upper light fixture has built-in door track for plexiglass sliding doors (operator side) ensuring hermetic closure of the refrigerated area, this is possible even thanks to the perimetral seal. The glass shelves have built-in lighting fixture and can be adjusted both in height and depth on low voltage electrified racks. Many of the new models of FLAT and 6040 showcases have as a standar R290 ecologic gas with internal motor.