Standard Counter Cocktail

The Ciam Cocktail Station is the ideal workstation for professional bartenders.

Designer: CIAM Lab

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Insulated stainless steel tank with divider for crushed ice and ice cubes; compartment for bottles; prearrangement for 4 gn 1/9 trays for gaskets


Welded sink with mixer

Glasses storage compartment

Stainless steel cup storage compartment with blender holder

The station consists of a stainless steel tank insulated with ecological polyurethane and divided into several compartments: central area for crushed ice and ice cubes with central separator, 02 lateral bottle-holder compartments, 04 gasket trays (1/9 GN) in transparent polycarbonate, frontally there is a bottle-holder compartment complete with corkscrew and collection pocket; according to the models the worktop is equipped with a steel sink with mixer and arrangement for soda gun passage, with an additional blender-holder element in polished steel and complete with storage comportment for glasses and upper cover. Two lengths are available: 1000 and 1500mm.