Standard Refrigerated Counters Pastry

Professional refrigerated basements for pastry, arranged for trays EN60x40

Designer: CIAM Lab

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The doors and drawers have the same size of the module, thus improving the design with a wide possibility of customization

Touch control unit

Touch control unit provided as standard

Internal racks

Internal stainless steel racks arranged for EN60x40 trays

The PASTRY series includes a wide range of refrigerated modules arranged to house EN600x400 trays: the door measure is 525mm for 4 lengths, 4 heights and 1 depth of 750mm. There are 5 types of refrigeration: cold static with coil, frozen static with coil, cold ventilated, frozen ventilated temperature and retarder proofer. The counter is composed of a stainless steel profile with height adjustable feet. The H650 and H750 counters can be supplied with a stainless steel top.