Amika in

Amika In is the Plug-In professional ice-cream display.

Glass structure with heated curved glass that can be opened upwards through gas pistons, heated laminated anti-fog sides, silver aluminum ceiling light with integrated track for plexiglass sliding doors ensuring hermetic closure, no spot 3000K strip led lighting.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Glass structure

Heated single curve glass can be lifted up


Single air flow refrigeration

Flavour labels

Flavour labels with LED backlighting

The Amika In ice-cream showcases have been designed to have excellent performance, they are equipped with semi-hermetic motors with ultra-rapid reverse cycle defrosts; single air supply with 2 evaporators. The tanks are monolithic coated in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane, the display area is in polished steel. The range consists of 4 models: L1110 (12 flavours), L1610 (18 flavours), L2106 (24 flavours), L2106 (12 + 12 flavours at differentiated temperatures). The paneling with curved panel and the sides can be customized in the painting.