6040 Combi M1 H1200

The 6040 Combi display cabinets are combined refrigerated display cases with both operator service (serve over/top refrigerated shelf closed by the glass case) and consumer service (self service/bottom shelf).

Glass display case with mechanical clamping, glass top that can be opened with polished steel micro-hinges, heated sides with patented anti-fog system, polished aluminium ceiling light with integrated track for hermetically sealed Plexiglas sliding doors, 3000°K no-spot LED strip lighting, glass front deflector.

Designer: Ciam Lab

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Glass case

Top glass openable with micro-hinges


Heated glass sides with patented no-fog system

Self-service compartment

Self-service refrigerated compartment

The 6040 Combi cabinets have been designed and stylised with a new aesthetic concept of essentiality and flexibility of finishes. There are 5 lengths in the range (1000, 1300, 1500, 1700, 2000) with a depth of 800. The temperature is positive perfect for fresh pastry, packaged food, salads and drinks. The tanks are monolithic, coated in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane. Both the serve-over and self-service display areas are in stainless steel as standard, but both can be customised with the use of other materials such as stoneware, acrylics, quartz compounds and natural marble. The air supply and return of the positive temperature display cases are in micro-perforated sheet metal and the temperature reader is inserted flush with the floor. The glass risers have heated sides as standard for all refrigerated models, while the front glasses can be heated as an optional extra and have a glass deflector as standard. CIAM has patented an innovative anti-fogging system for low voltage glass which uses pyrolytic glass 8mm thick, completely transparent without visible resistances, thus obtaining the effect of a standard glass display case even with hot glass! The hardware is common for all glass risers and all details have been designed and manufactured using micro-fusion steel moulds. The polished aluminium ceiling lights are designed to accommodate 3000°K no-spot strip LEDs. The upper ceiling light is also integrated with the tracks for sliding the Plexiglas doors on the operator side, which ensure that the refrigerated compartment is hermetically sealed thanks to the perimeter seals. The glass shelves have an integrated lighting ceiling light and are adjustable in height and depth on low-voltage electrified rack rods.